STOGA VIDEO GLASSES, unique video glasses

stoga video glasses


Stoga video glasses are super video glasses with unique design. These detachable video glasses consist of video display module with superior audio and video quality with stylish appearance. Also, there’s no need to go to cinema any more. The only thing you need to do is to wear these virtual reality glasses to enjoy a cinematic movie theater experience.  Equally important, they can provide you with a sensational multimedia experience that you can enjoy wherever you are . In addition, these theatre glasses with wide screen virtual display. They use the latest radiation-free LCD projection technology to give you a 52-inch built-in virtual screen.

What’s more?

The “big screen” experience you get from these virtual theatre video glasses is simply amazing. It gives you a real sense of a fight, the drama that’s involved.  Not to mention that you can enjoy the cinematic experience of movies and tv shows with a surround sound system to lead a unusual life. On another note, these virtual glasses have expanded memory and internal capacity. Built-in 4GB flash internal memory which can be expanded up to 32GB by a Micro SD card slot.

Travel essentials virtual theatre video glasses:Lightweight, portable and maximum comfort of eyes can be powered from high capacity built-in lithium polymer battery or using included power adapter. It comes with built-in earphones for 3D stereo audio and high quality animation make you feel as if you are in the real theater.Just grab your glasses and start a pleasant fantastic journey. Buy them now with only £82.99.

FOV (Field Of View): 100°
Virtual Screen Size: 52″
Built-In Earphones: Yes
Internal Memory: 4GB
Resolution: 432 X 240
Head Strap: 3 Point
Colour: Black

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Stoga Video Glasses

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Playstation VR games to come

Playstation VR Games

Playstation VR is coming out in few months, and we are about to show you the playstation VR  games you should wait to play:

Batman Arkham VR


Resident Evil VII Biohazard

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR

Final Fantasy XIV

Rigs Mechanized Combat League

Eagle Flight

EVE: Valkyrie


Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

playstation vr games

Rez Infinite

Ace Combat 7

playstation vr games

Robinson: The Journey

Dead Secret

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

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Ling VR , an amazing VR headset

Ling VR


If you are searching for a VR headset for your phone, then Ling VR is what you really need. You can now play your favorite games, watch the best movies and all the videos you need in high quality. Also, this headset is comfortable and can be used easily by all ages. You can have this well designed headset at the price of £61.00.
Name: VR Headset
Material: Plastic
Dimension: 175mm*54mm*98mm
Lens: optical resin lens
Support mobile phones: 4 inch to 5.5 inch smart phones
Feature: peope who had short sightedness can also use this glass
LED:5.0-5.7INCH Android 4.22
Ling VR, can bring a Immersive experience, such as experiencing Bungee jumping,parkour,parachute jumping and other Extreme Sports only you sit at your sofa. You can also experience a movie with 360 – degree panoramic mode. In addition, it can change between single mode and Dual screen mode. Furthermore, it can adjust sight distance suit for diferent vision crowd.  On another note, it is important to say that. the handle cannot be connected to the iphone. It  is only suitable for android phones.

About the product:

Adjustable Focus Distance: Yes

Adjustable Lens Distance: Yes

FOV (Field Of View): 96°

NFC Magnet Switch: No

Augmented Reality: Yes

For Screen Sizes: 4″ to 5.7″

Head Strap: 3 Point

Colour: Black / White

Name: VR Headset

Material: Plastic
Dimension: 175mm*54mm*98mm
Lens: optical resin lens
Support mobile phones: 4 inch to 5.5 inch smart phones
Feature: peope who had short sightedness can also use this glass
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Playstation VR, the next step

playstation vr

Playstation VR, the new entrant in VR gaming

Playstation VR is a new entry the VR gaming market. Sony is ready to give us Playstation VR that it’s going to compete with strong competitors as Oculus and HTC. It will be fully functional with PS4, so more and more PS4 games will support Playstation VR. Project Morpheus, as it is called, is a huge investment by Sony to enter the virtual reality gaming market. This attempt show us that big companies understand that with technology comes evolution. Also, it is natural that a great company with long history would understand that virtual reality gaming is the future.You may use a PS4 Dualshock controller or a playstation move controller.  At its release it will cost 349 pounds, which makes it affordable.

Let’s see what this new headset has. has a 5.7 inch OLED panel, with an RGB sub-pixel matrix resolution of 1080, or 960 × 1080 × RGB per eye.The headset also has a processor box which enables the Social Screen video output to the television, as well as process the 3D audio effect, and used a 3.5mm headphone jack.The headset also has 9 positional LED’s on its surface for the Playstation Camera to track 360 degree head movement, and connects to the PlayStation by HDMI or USB.

Pros and Cons:

At this point we need to consider the pros and the cons of this headset. The pros are that it is affordable, comfortable and a great selection of games.  It is also suitable for co-operative gameplay and it has a nice, stylish design. The cons are that it doesn’t come with the required accessories and that it may cause motion sickness.

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Andoer 3D VR headset

ANDOER 3D VR HEADSET , an inexpensive but high quality headset

With Andoer 3D VR Headset you can do and enjoy many services. Shift Your phone into IMAX theatre, owning your private 3D cinema. It offers you super 3D picture effect and wonderful immersive feeling, and protects your privacy.Effectively prevent visual fatigue and dizzy even after a long time use with the resin lens. Adjustable pupil distance and object distance, satisfying different groups of people.

It is fairly easy to install your cell phone onto the 3D glasses. In addition, it is suitable for Android and for iOS smart phones with 4.7~6.0 inches screen. The suckers on the cover can strongly and firmly absorb the smart phones. (Please note that the backside of your phone should be smooth.) Engineering design and high quality leather eye patch perfectly fit for your face when wearing. On another note, it is flexible and adjustable headband is suitable for different people. Holes on both sides of the 3D VR GLASSES is specially designed for the headset / data / charge cable.With compact portable design, easy to carry, allowing you watch at anytime and anywhere sitting, lying or standing as you like, no need any software; it is a great companion for traveling or staying at home.


You may also want to now that:

It is also important to note that the working principle of 3D glasses is via split screen to reach 3D effect.
It cannot be used when the phone is charging.
The backside of your phone should be smooth for best absorption.

Adjustable Focus Distance: No
Adjustable Lens Distance: No
Fov (field Of View): 96°
Nfc Magnet Switch: No
Augmented Reality: No
For Screen Sizes: 4″ To 6″
Head Strap: 3 Point
Colour: White

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Andoer (White) 3D VR Headset

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CEDEXIS LUNA 3D, the best 3D glasses

cedexis luna 3d

CEDEXIS LUNA 3D, it does everything and better

There are many 3D glasses in the  market but Cedexis LUNA 3D is the step towards the future. With the Cedexis LUNA 3D, you will experience a whole new world of watching movies: the 3D video glasses allow you to watch traditional 2D movies on a huge virtual screen and be as close to the film as never before. At the push of a button, you switch into 3D mode to play 3D side-by-side videos in breath-taking, immersive 3D. Additionally, the Cedexis LUNA will let you listen to music, browse photos and images and read eBooks in an immersive virtual environment. Movies and other files can easily be transferred into the LUNA‘s 8 GB internal memory via a USB cable.

Also, a Micro SD Card may be inserted to expand the memory to a total of up to 40 GB. The LUNA furthermore supports AV-In to play back input from a smartphone, DVD player, gaming console or other video output device. With its modern  design, high visual quality and many application possibilities, the Cedexis LUNA is an excellent entertainment platform.

cedexis luna 3d


FOV (Field Of View): 45°
Virtual Screen Size: 52″ Built-In Earphones: Yes
Internal Memory: 8GB
Resolution: 854 x 480 Head Strap: 3 Point
Colour: Black

You can make these amazing 3D glasses yours with £394.38. It might be a bit expensive but it gives you everything you will ever need. When you wear these glasses your experience is on a clearly different level than before. It is a great investment of your money and your time.

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Cedexis Luna 3D

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ESYNIC 3D VR Headset, a headset only for you



ESYNIC 3D VR Headset is a device designed for the most demanding users.  This headset has a nice design with white color and a comfortable three point head strap. It is suitable for many 3D VR games with high quality of content. Also with ESYNIC 3D VR Headset you can watch movies and videos with the feeling that you are a part of it. In addition this particular headset come at a low price and so it is available for all costumers.


  • 3D Virtual Reality VR Headset Glasses. 3D glasses with large space for man who wear glasses. Virtual reality in seconds, turn your smart phone into the ultimate 3D machine for 3D games and split screen movies. Esynice 3D VR Headset works with over 300+ iOS/Android VR apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, truly fun and immersive experience for any age.
  • Private cinema accessability and 3 adjustable headbands for ideal weight distribution to adjust the most comfortable mode. On another not, the foam seal made from high quality plastic and foam, is extra soft and thick, comes with foam nose pads, open ports on both sides for headphones to enhance the great effct
  • Multi-use VR Controller. Bluetooth remote has many applications: control VR video games, use as a selfie shutter controller. It is compatible with Windows and Macs with Bluetooth, remote control for cell phone, fast forward, rewind, pause and play movies
  • AR(Augmented Reality) experience, covers detachable, users could take off the covers to expose the back camera on mobile phone, which is necessary for AR(Augmented Reality) experience
  • Ideal heat dissipating design and heat dissipating. In addition, it allows you long time use without heating your eyes, earphone/power jack space. Also it is convnient to plug earphone and charge, suitable for Android and IOS smart phones within 4.0-6.0 inch screen size

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ESYNiC 3D VR Headset

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