Hands-On: Resident Evil 7’s ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ Adds Replayability With Amazing Game Modes

Hands-On: Resident Evil 7’s ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ Adds Replayability With New Game Modes

Last few days we reported on the details linked to the very first little DLC for Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard [Review: 9/10]. Circulated nowadays for PlayStation 4, forbidden Footage Vol. 1, the very first pack of new content, includes three things for intrepid horror junkies like myself to sink their teeth into. The accordingly named Nightmare is a wave-based success mode, room is an escape-the-room issue knowledge, and Ethan should Die is a new online game mode. Only Nightmare and Bedroom function PlayStation VR (PSVR) help.

Unfortunately, meaning the essential interesting brand new purpose (Ethan Must Die) is overlooked associated with the VR fold, but we now have our hands crossed it will get active support as time goes on.

Rather than starting the latest content from VHS tapes inside online game itself, you’ll truly go right to the Main Menu and find out them all within the “Extra information” alternative. From below it is simple to choose the Banned video clip collection and/or brand new Ethan Must Die game mode.

You can view a quick intro movie above showing what’s in store the Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 choices. The second ready is a result of launch on PS4 in 2 weeks on February 14th. What better approach to commemorate Valentine’s Day than with blood, guts, and gore?


Nightmare (VR Supported)

first little bit of brand-new content in Banned Footage Vol. 1, Nightmare, offers some much-needed replayability to a casino game that previously only included a single-player campaign. You’ll undertake the part of Clancy, the cameraman right from the start hr demonstration plus one for playable VHS tapes found in the core video game. Those activities found here supposedly take place after he is divided through rest of their team. Your goal would be to survive for 5 hours until dawn.

You’ll begin in one of many basement rooms connected with Baker home, close to the dealing with area. In the event that you finished the base promotion, it must be straight away familiar. You’ll start out with a small amount of resource scraps that can easily be regularly purchase stuff like firearms, ammo, first-aid kits, ability improvements, and a lot more. Scatter through the basement are processors that induce more scraps with time as soon as began. You can easily set traps in pre-defined locations.

Looking at this video game mode requires rapidly memorizing the design and creating trips between the different processors to keep stocked through to your scraps and supplies. The traps would be best conserved for late-game usage to obtain the numerous from these. Areas which may have things at the heart (including tables) are of assistance for keeping size between yourself in addition to shaped creatures that spawn. Aware aim and a cool-head will probably be important for going this new mode.

Whilst it’s not infinitely replayable and it is improved by more maps or multiplayer functionality, it is like a welcomed inclusion on game. Nevertheless, we can’t help but feel just like it certainly require been already there to start with as an optional VHS tape. It adds a missing level on understanding that has been very possible prepared consist of when the game set up.


Room (VR Supported)

This small content feels the fundamental comparable to what’s currently situated in the VHS tapes from base game’s marketing. You’ll begin as Clancy yet again, strapped to a bed today, as Marguerite prevents by to produce your supper. After she renders it’s your responsibility to anxiously search the room for a means out.

Used, it plays away just like a real-life escape space problem would, tasking checking out every nook and cranny of environments for a way out. But need to be mindful because if you make a lot of noise after that she’ll get back to check what’s going on. If she captures you out of bed then it’s Game through. If you notice her coming, then you definitely must try to place everything straight back how it had been for that reason she will not notice.

Although it’s maybe not a wave-based survival mode like Nightmare, this 1 believed more nerve-wracking in my experience. Element of which may be because of the fact Marguerite as a character is much more terrifying and disgusting versus shaped, which perform similar to the over-used zombie archetype they be seemingly concerning.

it is unfortunate after that it manages to lose its charm once you’ve figured all of it away, however it was enjoyable while it lasted. Significantly similar to the successful birthday celebration tape through initial game, albeit with an even more frantic and unnerving idea.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard_20170118144925

Ethan Must Die (No VR Assist)

Finally, more interesting piece of brand new content into the good deal is another online game mode labeled as Ethan should Die. Whilst it adds the meatiest junk of stuff regarding numerous interesting replayability elements, it regrettably does not have any PSVR assistance. Ideally that modifications.

You’ll start off alone and afraid to enable them to surpass the overwhelming probability of a complete game mode tailor-made to be able to destroy you. Whereas the core marketing featured a litany of techniques for you you to ultimately respond or hightail it and conceal, Ethan Must Die will not sport those exact same fine luxuries.

Alternatively, every little thing within video game mode is obviously randomized. Greater the star rating on a crate the greater product it might have. Whenever you perish, you’ll leave a gravestone behind if you will likely to be rendering it returning to that gravestone regarding from then on playthrough, then you definitely have actually a randomly opted for item from your own past corpse returned for your requirements. it is almost like a level less forgiving form of black Souls’ demise and heart system.

It’s strange that this mode doesn’t help PSVR play because usually all belongings are used again from the core game even in the big event this is a “new game mode” in theory. It’s lots of fun and features a disgustingly hard gauntlet of difficulties.


If you adored the first online game, afterwards this could be well worth the $9.99 cost of entry. However, I’d suggest having the $29.99 Season Pass because of this, restricted Footage Vol. 2 when it releases (typically $14.99) and an unannounced third little compensated DLC content entirely. You’ll invest less in that way.

But if you weren’t amazed by Capcom’s type of first-person horror in Resident Evil 7, it isn’t planning to do just about anything to improve that. With interesting little bit of content lacking PSVR functions, it’s some a challenging provide if you are an admirer of Sony’s HMD, nevertheless it’s however complete well worth playing away from VR irrespective.

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Knott’s Berry Farm VR Installation Coming This Year From VRstudios

Knott’s Berry Farm VR Installation Coming This Year From VRstudios

Knott’s Berry Farm is an amusement park located a short drive from Disneyland in Orange County, California. The sprawling 160 acre playground literally began its life as a berry stand and now boasts over 40 roller coasters, water rides, and other attractions. The park receives nearly 4 million visitors every year, and starting Q2 of this year park guests will have a whole new way to enjoy their stay: virtual reality.

VRstudios is partnering with the amusement park to “design and install a specialized VR experience.” Details as to what exactly this experience is going to be are sparse as of now. However, Christian Dieckmann, the VP of Knott’s Berry’s parent company Cedar Fair, said it will be a “free-roaming VR installation.” The experience will be offered “for a small fee in addition to admission.”


VRStudios is a multifaceted company that creates immersive installations of varying scope. It offers VR solutions for enterprise, simulation and arcades, with a focus on completely wireless walk-around systems. Previously, the company partnered with Universal Studios in Florida for a Halloween-themed multiplayer experience that was tied into a larger attraction within the park.

More and more amusement parks have been incorporating VR into attractions. Last year, for example, Six Flags started using headsets on certain roller coasters for an alternative way of experiencing a familiar ride. The idea of VR entertainment at a theme park seems to be expanding past a supporting role and into its own category of attraction. Check back as we’ll undoubtedly see more theme park VR launches as the year progresses.

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Explore the Story of Evolution in VR with a Friend

Explore the Story of Evolution in VR with a Friend

Or maybe even a stranger.

“Life of Us. The story of our lives. Together.”

Imagine going into a world where you meet a stranger in the form of protozoa and experience the story of evolution together. Your bodies and voice transform as you evolve from single celled organisms to androids that make you sound like Daft Punk. Now, Sundance titans Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin are pushing the boundaries of VR once again with their VR installation Life of Us.

I found myself floating underwater with critters swimming around me. Suddenly a shy voice echoed “Hello?”. Looking around, I realized that a tiny organism was waving at me. This was the start of a beautiful friendship with the stranger who was in the next room experiencing Life of Us with me.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 5.31.54 PMThe Vive controllers did a great job tracking my arm movements accurately as they were transformed into fins in the virtual world. We evolved into tadpoles and the second we realized we could control our fins, we instinctively tried to high five and reach out to each other. There was a comfort of being in a virtual space that made us forget about the boundaries we put upon to strangers when it comes to physical space. You naturally develop a desire to reach out to the person in front of you and interact with them.

Curator of Sundance’s New Frontier, Shari Frilot, explains:

“When you meet someone as an avatar, you leave the vulnerability of your body, and also the unconscious bias towards others. You act differently and your conversation is different. Then when you meet them in real life, you actually start from that point, as opposed to sizing people up immediately and figuring out what you want to talk about.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.36.47 PM
As VR is becoming a more social platform with an increase in multiplayer experiences, Life of Us demonstrated how one can form a cooperative relationship with a stranger in under 7,5 minutes. What was even more beautiful to see was these strangers embracing each other once they came out of the demo rooms to meet and watch the playback of their experience projected onto a wall. The installation space was always full of laughter as spectators who had never even tried the VR piece loved watching the reactions people had.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.54.17 PMThis is by far one of the most playful experiences that came out of Within, where people shared moments of pure silliness that made even the most serious visitors bust out their robot dance moves. Co-creator Aaron Koblin states that this was Within’s first project made with Unity, so the whole thing is real time rendered, enabling the viewer to interact with the virtual environment. Although Life of Us is not a traditional game, there were a fair amount of opportunities to interact with the environment whether it be using your voice or hands with HTC Vive’s microphone and controllers.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.53.44 PMAs tadpoles, people were competing to see who could blow the biggest bubble mumbling gibberish or the more peculiar visitors who screamed their lungs out once they realized they could breath out fire as pterodactyls — people were having fun. Your voice was altered to fit each stage of the evolution as it ranged from grunts of a gorilla to the screeching voice of a dinosaur. A personal favorite of mine was when tiny monkeys started to jump on you. You could catch them and throw them at your friend, or stranger — whoever happens to be there with you to experience this story of evolution together.

Sprout limbs or embody creatures, the Within team really outdid themselves once again with Life of Us.


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ResearchVR Episode 32 – Augmented Hearing with Tom Emrich from Super Ventures

ResearchVR Episode 32 – Augmented Hearing with Tom Emrich from Super Ventures

This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into advanced hearing devices that go way beyond hearing aids. Our guest is a visionary in the field of Augmented Reality, Tom Emrich from Super Ventures.

Tom Emrich, a funding partner at Super Ventures, is the man bringing AR to reality through investment and community building. In Super Ventures he is focusing on augmenting all of our senses – not only vision.

Episode Preview

Augmented Reality is an exciting topic. With significant players such as Microsoft betting big on it, the technology is getting ready for mass market. However, we hear only about visual information augmentation. What about auditory information? Does anything happen there? As it turns out, this field is quite active. And it sounds like these types of gadgets are going to be the next input & output game changer for AR.

If you were to talk to a human in real life and he would ignore you, it feels awkward, like you did something wrong. And I think that’s where we are with our AR.

There are many concepts that augmented hearing is prompting us to think about. For one, let’s imagine new types of interfaces, such as VUI – Voice User Interface. At the moment, with Siri, Cortana, Alexa and others, it feels awkward, and therefore unpleasant. Contrary to other types of interfaces, VUI is more of a conversation than just a substitution for button pressing. Speaking, and therefore voice commands, require more flexibility of the system – both in understanding the input and providing an output. I want Siri to answer me just like I expect from another human. And if is cold or responds with the wrong emotion in its voice, it often sounds like sarcasm or punishment.

All in all, as Tom underlined, the world is a new computer. We need to create access to it – to see, to hear, to smell, to touch. Everything has to be connected. We are at the point where nodes of the network are there – HMDs for vision,”hearables”  for audio, gloves for haptics and so on – but the network itself is not there yet.

Learn more in Episode 32 – Augmented Hearing with Tom Emrich from Super Ventures. You can also subscribe this podcast via your favorite app via the subscription button below.

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The VRScout Report – Sundance Edition

The VRScout Report – Sundance Edition

Recapping the top stories covered on the VRScout Report, a weekly podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst.

You can enjoy the full audio recording below:

The New Frontier program at Sundance has been abuzz with virtual reality over the past couple of years. The Sundance Film Festival is an integral snow-covered kickoff to awards season in Hollywood – and their New Frontier program keeps getting hotter and hotter, and this year the common consensus was: VR is only going to get bigger.

Established in 2007, the New Frontier exhibition in Park City, Utah was created to “provide the highest level of curation in the emerging [immersive media] field, incorporating fiction, non-fiction and hybrid projects to showcase transmedia storytelling, multi-media installations, performances and films.” Nonny de la Pena’s immersive piece Hunger in LA that debuted in 2012 in the program did wonders to fan the flames of the emerging medium, and the movement keeps growing.

We had a lot of Scouts on the ground this year, and so for this week’s podcast we sit down with a couple of the team who were out there on the front lines – braving the cold in the name of journalism…  and a bit of boogeying on the dancefloor.

We chat all things VR and AR at Sundance with Zeynep Abes and Jesse Damiani – from how the New Frontier program has grown to prominently feature virtual reality (and augmented reality!) projects over the last couple of years, the increase of social interaction-themed VR content at the festival, and we dive deeper on some specific standouts at the festival such as Life of Us, Mindshow, Chocolate, The Journey to the Center of the Machine, ASTEROIDS!, Dear Angelica, Zero Days VR, Miyubi, and more.

You can also watch our highlight of some Sundance VR creators we spoke with on the ground:


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Simple PlayStation Move Mod Brings Dual Analog Control To PSVR Games

Simple PlayStation Move Mod Brings Dual Analog Control To PSVR Games

PlayStation VR is a very capable headset, but it does have one glaring weakness: the PlayStation Move controllers.

Sony’s positiontally-tracked wands bring your hands into VR with relative accuracy, but they pale in comparison to the HTC Vive’s wands or Oculus Touch controllers. A lot of that has to do with occlusion, as turning away from the PlayStation Camera tracking your position will instantly lose tracking, but there’s also a noticeable lack of a dedicated navigation feature on the device such as a control stick or touch pad. That makes movement in the few first-person games that do use two controllers stiff and awkward, as seen in titles like Loading Human [Review: 4/10].

Winnipeg-based Playhouse Studio may have accidentally stumbled upon an ingenious solution to this problem five years ago, though.

Take a look at the video above for a system called DualPLAY, which was published in November 2012. It shows a peripheral that links the Move to its companion device, the Navigation Controller, that launched alongside the main unit in 2010. In theory it’s a pretty simple add-on for the kit, but here’s the important bit: each Navigation Controller has a DualShock-style analogue stick fitted to it.

What it doesn’t have is its own light for the camera to positionally track, but by tethering the two together you get a workaround that gives you the best of both worlds. As seen in the video, the player can move through the world with the intuitive controls they’ve come to master over the past two decades of gaming while still accessing the full range of tracking featured in Move.

It’s not an ideal locomotion solution; artificial movement with sticks has been known to cause simulation sickness for some VR users, but it certainly gives PS VR owners some much-requested new options.


The video was shot long before PlayStation VR would be revealed, though its creators have gone back to make mention of the headset in the title. It features gameplay elements that have become commonplace in today’s VR industry.

Of course as a third-party experiment and not an official Sony peripheral, it’s not likely that DualPLAY would gather a lot of software support on PSVR in this day and age. But it’s definitely something Sony itself could consider as an inexpensive way for players to further enhance their VR gaming experience without having to release an entirely new controller.

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NOLO Phone-based SteamVR Project Fully Funded on Kickstarter

NOLO Phone-based SteamVR Project Fully Funded on Kickstarter

There’s no getting around that fact that the $799 price tag on the HTC Vive and cost of a high-end computer makes it difficult for many people to get into high-end VR. NOLO VR wants to change that with the help of your smartphone.

Similar to solutions from Ximmerse and others, Chinese company LYRobotix’s set of sensors and controllers that make up this new offering promise to enable Roomscale VR on mobile phones. NOLO, which you could theoretically use with a phone you already have and an inexpensive mobile headset, claims to be fully compatible with SteamVR. This mean you would have access to Vive’s entire content library, at least according the creators of this project.


NOLO consists of two position tracked remote-like controllers, a singular base station, and a headset marker placed on top of any smartphone-holding VR device. The marker can fit most mobile headsets, including Gear VR, Google Daydream and Cardboard. The base station is said to feature a 100 degree field of view.

The setup is said to be compatible with Android phones right now, with plans to integrate iOS later. The solution isn’t just for SteamVR, though, as it can also be used with native mobile VR games that are developed with the setup in mind, and LYRobotix says it is preparing an SDK that’s compatible with both Unreal and Unity Engines.

The mere promise for the kit alone has been enough to sell a lot of VR fans: NOLO has a fully funded Kickstarter campaign just one day after launching. The company had asked for $50,000 but, at the time of writing, has raised nearly $75,000 and still has well over 30 days to go. The campaign is offering early bird sets for $99, with limited quantities left.

It almost sounds too good to be true, and it might be. We haven’t seen this for ourselves and the wireless setup requires streaming from a PC over the Riftcat and VRidge apps, which display VR content on your phone but also come with the usual concerns about latency, which LYRobotix claims to keep under 20 milliseconds. If streaming to a smartphone gives you even more than a few milliseconds of delay between turning your head and the image catching up, it may be unplayable for many. There’s also only one base station included, so we wonder if occlusion could become an issue.

Still, we haven’t gone hands-on with the device ourselves, so we really can’t say whether or not it works at this point.

LYRobotix plans to ship the kit in May of this year.

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