New PSVR Releases For The Week Of 03/26/17

New PSVR Releases For The Week Of 03/26/17

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New PSVR Releases For The Week Of 03/26/17

Rejoice PlayStation VR (PSVR) fans; now is your time. After a painfully slow start to 2017, Sony’s headset is finally about to kick it up a gear with a slew of great new releases. Two of those arrive this week with the long awaited port of a really good Rift and Vive game as well as a new tower defense title that’s exclusive to the platform. Enjoy!

If you missed last week, you can see those new releases here. Also, UploadVR has launched the ‘UploadVR PS VR Community’ on PlayStation 4! Join up, find other gamers to play with, and engage in discussions with them.

Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the 9 Best PlayStation VR Games if you need any extra inspiration.

Fated: The Silent Oath, from Frima Studios
Price: $9.99

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive launch game finally comes to PSVR, and it’s well worth the wait. Fated is the first part of a first-person adventure series in which players are cast as a father and husband that must protect his family against mythical monsters and more. It’s a surprisingly effective journey that you won’t soon forget and we can’t wait to see where the developer takes it next.

Recommendation: Definitely pick this up if you haven’t already seen it on Rift or Vive. Read our review here.

Korix, from Stellar VR
Price: $19.99

Korix offers a pretty promising mix of single player and multiplayer tower defense and real time strategy gameplay. Your home world is destroyed and you have to fight off attackers in stylish action inspired by games of the late 90’s. If that sounds up your street then this is probably an ideal pick for you.

Recommendation: Definitely one to check out for RTS and tower defense fans.

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‘Ghost In The Shell’ VR Now Available on Rift & Gear VR

‘Ghost In The Shell’ VR Now Available on Rift & Gear VR

Step into the ass-kicking shoes of futuristic counter-terrorist ‘The Major’ in this engaging VR experience.

Today is the release of the highly-anticipated, as well as unnecessarily controversial, Ghost In The Shell feature film. The live-action adaptation of the popular cyberpunk Japanese manga turned anime film/TV series has been teasing some spectacular visuals as well as beautifully-choreographed fight scenes. Having been a fan of the series for years, I was admittedly hesitant when I first heard about the project. Afterall, history hasn’t exactly been kind to live-action anime adaptations. *cough* Dragonball: Evolution *cough*. However it makes me unbelievably hear that early reviews are reporting the film as visually-spectacular, incredibly well-acted and surprisingly loyal to its source material. So you can imagine my excitement when I woke up to even more Ghost In The Shell content, specifically a brand new Ghost In The Shell VR experience for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Just one of the many collaborations Paramount is making with various companies to promote the new film, the legendary film studio has partnered with Oculus to create an immersive Ghost In The Shell VR experience. Developed by VR filmmaking veterans, Here Be Dragons, Ghost In The Shell VR has users step into the role of the stories bad-ass female protagonist “The Major” as they experience some of the coolest moments from the film such as her intense battle with some seriously creepy Geisha robots as well as her massive dive from a rooftop as featured in some of the promotional content.

It’s an interesting take on VR with a level of quality that changes depending on how you view it. Versions on the Gear VR and 369 video are neat at best. Full-body tracking on the Oculus Rift results in a more immersive experience obviously, but the mobile options are still a fun a little ride. It’s just nice to have a little extra Ghost In The Shell content to enjoy.

To hop into the high-tech world and experience the action yourself head here to download on the Oculus Rift and here to download for Samsung Gear VR.

No Rift or Gear VR? No problem! You can check out a slightly less-immersive 360-degree version in the video above!

Ghost In The Shell stars Scarlett Johansson and is in theatres now.


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Dick Wilde (Oculus Rift)

Dick Wilde (Oculus Rift)

“Looking for a great shooter? This is just what you’ll need.”

Review program:Oculus Rift CV1
Price at period of Assessment: £15 ($19)
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Shooter
Size: 1.17 GB
Controller program: Touch Controllers
Best using Position: Standing
Multi athlete: No

Dick Wilde (Oculus Rift)

Introduction: Those pesky swamp critters have reached it again! Scarin’ down most of the great folk who just want to go huntin’ and fishin’ on their ponds and lagoons! We’re speaking piranhas, eels, ‘gators – you identify it! There’s also already been talk of a giant mutated Turtle regarding the loose!

Evaluation: Dick Wilde is a Hillbilly design cartoon shooter that sees you clearing certainly one of 3 globes out-of gators, sharks, piranha plus the strange mutant water life. The good thing is you’ve got a great selection of tools to do exactly that. From Grenade Launchers to Electric Bows and Nail Guns. There in fact is an excellent small collection and each weapon possesses its own merits and magnificence.

Played with the touch controllers it is all quite an easy task to become accustomed to with little even more discussion required than intending and shooting. Be warned this can be a challenging online game plus from the easiest of amounts things soon get free from hand and you’ll end up shooting at something that techniques. There is a multiplayer mode enabling for an event model of game play, driving it between friends which does supply the game some necessary durability.

Verdict: seeking a fun shooter? This is exactly what you need. With a great variety of weapons, enjoyable cartoon type of pictures and some really challenging amounts and multiplayer settings this can be an incredible shooter. While i actually do think it’s really worth the cash i suggest which you don’t get it jut the solitary player mode, it is the multiplayer that basically provides this video game more size and depth, while not online it can enable you to pass the headset around rendering it an ideal celebration online game. While some might groan at another VR shooter getting introduced, it is great to see a new type of it. Dick Wilde won’t turn you into wild with pleasure, nonetheless it will show you some fun for some time about.


Download Dick Wilde Now
Download Dick Wilde Now

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Robo Recall Officially Gets 360 Tracking Support in Latest Update

Robo Recall Officially Gets 360 Tracking Support in Latest Update

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Robo Recall Officially Gets 360 Tracking Support in Latest Update

Robo Recall [Review: 7.5/10] is one of the biggest VR games the young VR market has seen thus far. It’s developed by game industry veterans at Epic Games, creators of Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, and many others, and is funded by Oculus as a free title exclusive for the Rift and Touch platform. In the game, you’re tasked with cleaning up the city that’s overrun with rogue robots that have to be mowed down with tons of guns, bullets, and bullet-dodging maneuvers. It’s fast and fun and really shows the visual potential that already exists with the current generation of VR hardware.

When the game launched one of the biggest points of contention was the lack of true 360-degree tracking support. By default, when you spun around too far the game would try to funnel you back towards a front-facing setup since that was the default arrangement for most Oculus units. However, you can achieve 360 support with an extra center and an experimental configuration. Shortly after release a mod came out that enabled 360 tracking, but Epic has now officially released an update with support.

According to the release from an Epic representative, the update goes live today with the following notes, most importantly with the new tracking mode at the very top of the list:

Added support for 360 tracking mode. Available in Settings → Tracking Options.
Replaced ending credits music with “Shooty Shooty Gun Hands,” the masterpiece that came in too hot for launch.
Improved and stabilized teleporting up onto ledges.
Fixed a bug that caused crawlers to be wiggidy-wack when you grabbed them during one part of their “get up” sequence.
Added more unique colors for high multiplier numbers. People are tearing it up on YouTube!
Fixed a bug that caused flickering between LODs in a very narrow window.
Made a few improvements for spectator leaderboard functionality.
Fixed a small bug on the Holo-table that caused weapon dangly bits to misbehave upon dropping said weapon.
Fixed “Whip Slam” damage scoring events and made damage scale with impact velocity.
Made several audio performance improvements.
Added fixes for font caching that wasn’t working properly to eliminate hitches the first time unique text is rendered.
Fixed bug where Boss VO wasn’t being affected by VO volume settings.
Fixed additional audio bugs.
Spectator leaderboard now correctly states when player is in All Star Mode.

If you want to enable 360 tracking you can access the new mode from the game’s settings.

What are some other features you’d like to see added to Robo Recall in future updates? Let us know down in the comments below!

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Palmer Luckey’s Departure From Oculus Highlights Raised Stakes For VR

Palmer Luckey’s Departure From Oculus Highlights Raised Stakes For VR

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Palmer Luckey’s Departure From Oculus Highlights Raised Stakes For VR

The above tweet comes from May 17, 2012, almost five years ago now, with John Carmack showing off the early prototype of the Rift he received from Palmer Luckey. This tweet helps mark the beginning of a journey that drove interest in VR to include millions of people.

A lot can change in five years. Now, the stakes are raised with billions of potential customers being pursued by the world’s biggest technology companies.

We were surprised when we heard in December Oculus co-founder and former CEO Brendan Iribe moved into a role at Facebook focused on leading a PC VR research team. A month later, we learned why it happened.

Turns out Google veteran and former Android leader Hugo Barra was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s choice to lead the company’s VR efforts. Now under Barra, the company seems to be embarking on a larger reorganization effort inside Facebook to streamline the company’s push into mixed reality. Here’s Oculus chief technology officer John Carmack replying to TechCrunch writer Lucas Matney saying the reorganization has helped clarify “a lot of things”:

@Lucas_Matney My job hasn’t changed at all, and I am really happy with the re-org, which has clarified a lot of things.

— John Carmack (@ID_AA_Carmack) March 31, 2017

Today is of course Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey’s last day at Facebook. The company indicated to us in December he was still an employee and we’d get updates on his role soon. Aside from a $500 million decision from a Texas jury, however, the biggest change for Oculus since December is the addition of Barra to the team. So it seems possible Luckey’s departure might be a byproduct of Barra working to clarify the positions and goals of key leadership and teams within the company. Facebook declined to comment about the reason for Luckey’s departure, and Luckey hasn’t responded to a request for comment via his Facebook account, but is it possible Luckey just didn’t fit into the new plan?

Facebook continues to hire for dozens more positions in a huge build up against Google, Amazon, Microsoft and whatever secret projects Apple is cooking up. Microsoft, for instance, just hired Liz Hamren from Oculus to lead the company’s marketing efforts as mixed reality becomes a high priority for the tech giant this year. On the technical side, Microsoft hired pioneering researcher Mark Bolas last year. In October, Facebook hired Rachel Rubin Franklin to head up the company’s social VR efforts, drawing on her experience with The Sims to put us in shared virtual worlds.

UploadVR recently spoke with Max Cohen, the head of mobile product at Oculus, who explained the need for the reorganization:

We’ve always thought of Oculus as spanning both mobile and PC. In reality, that’s tough. It’s tough on engineering. It’s tough on roadmaps. It’s tough on just making sure that you are able to move quickly for platforms that are pretty different. The Rift is a gaming platform first, and so it has some needs that aren’t always the same as Gear, which is a platform that really shines with some of the movies […]
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SVVR 2017: Watch Our 360 Video of a Full Body Artec 3D Scan

SVVR 2017: Watch Our 360 Video of a Full Body Artec 3D Scan

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SVVR 2017: Watch Our 360 Video of a Full Body Artec 3D Scan

At the 2017 Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) expo this week, we saw a lot of cool new tech. Some of it was VR, some if it was AR, and some of it was something else entirely. During the show, we livestreamed from the floor in 360-degrees using an Insta360 Air and one of the companies we had the chance to check out was Artec 3D. You can see the full livestream of our time at their booth, complete with a real-time 3D scan of our Video Producer, Az Balabanian. He stepped into the Artec Shapify Booth and within seconds his entire body was scanned.

Just make sure you set it to HD or else it might default to lower resolution and come across a bit blurry:

For more information about Artec 3D, make sure to check out the official Artec 3D website.

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Top 7 Biggest VR Stories Of 2017…So Far

Top 7 Biggest VR Stories Of 2017…So Far

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Top 7 Biggest VR Stories Of 2017…So Far

It’s hard to believe that we’re already a quarter of the way through 2017. It feels like just yesterday the Upload team was gathered in Las Vegas to kick the year off at CES. We thought that might be the biggest week VR would have yet seen, but it’s already been bested by a number of other events in the first three months of the year.

It’s been a wild ride, so we thought we’d recap some of the biggest stories of the year so far.

Palmer Luckey Departs Facebook

The news only hit yesterday, but already Palmer Luckey’s departure from Facebook and its VR team, Oculus, has become one of our biggest stories of the year. Luckey was of course the original creator of the Oculus Rift and one of the company’s founders, taking it from the early days of prototypes in his garage all the way up to the Zuckerberg-owned mammoth it is today. His departure was expected by some following last year’s revelation that he had helped fund a political smear campaign, but the news is no less significant. To many, Palmer Luckey is the reason there even is a VR industry. Now we don’t even know if he’s going to remain a part of it.

Man Loses 50 Pounds From Playing VR

VR can educate, entertain and empower, but what about helping you keep fit. You might not think it, but headsets like the HTC Vive are actually a perfect way to keep in shape, and Jon Stauffer proved it earlier this year. Playing beat-based boxing game, Sound Boxing, Stauffer was able to lose more than 50 pounds, dramatically changing his figure. Through play sessions of anywhere between 20 to 90 minutes Stauffer came up with a fun way to keep fit, and could serve as an inspiration to many.

How VR Porn Will Evolve in 2017

Surprising absolutely no one, porn is already proving to be big business for the VR industry and could well help drive adoption as we get deeper in 2017. We headed to the world’s largest adult entertainment expo in Las Vegas and found an industry that was embracing VR as well as some insights into how VR porn might improve as the technology progresses.

Fallout 4 VR Is Coming To E3

It says a lot about just how excited people are for Bethesda’s VR port of its his role-playing game, Fallout 4, that it’s one of our most popular stories of 2017 so far. Fallout 4 VR debuted at E3 last year and, even though we got hands-on with it then, we still have so many questions about what to expect from the full release going forward. It’s a huge relief to find out the game will be back at this year’s iteration of the show, then, with a demo that will apparently “blow our minds”. The wasteland is calling to us; June can’t come soon enough.

The Story of LIV

Cix Liv has a fascinating story to tell about his company, LIV, which you shouldn’t miss. We chatted to Liv about […]
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