HTC Vive Gets $200 Price Drop

HTC Vive Gets $200 Price Drop

Making VR more obtainable one rebate at a time.

Regarding heels of Oculus dropping the purchase price of the Rift and Touch bundle from $599 to $399 come july 1st, HTC Vive can be jumping in with an amount reduced total of their very own.

The HTC Vive gets a $200 cost fall, taking the VR system down from $799 to $599.

It’s not yet determined how much Oculus’ cost fall for Rift VR headset played into Vive’s announcement today, exactly what is clear is both businesses have their particular attention on making VR more available to a size marketplace.

Oculus’ summertime purchase rebate is only a temporary cost reduction, while HTC Vive’s $200 price fall is permanent. Which means once the Oculus Rift restricted sale finishes (probably any week now), both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift + Touch bundle will likely to be equally priced.

This is certainly very good news for consumers sitting undecided, deciding which VR system is suitable for all of them. With a shrinking price space amongst the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, customers will look every single system’s developing library of content when creating a purchase choice.

On top of the cost drop, Vive in addition launched that acquisitions comes with a free test to Viveport Subscription (1 month), permitting customers choose to 5 brands each month to experience. You will also get Google’s Tilt Brush, Everest VR, and Richie’s Plank Experience free-of-charge.

With the Vive more likely to get increased attention through the cost drop, the time is suitable for HTC leading to the holiday season. “We think that this is certainly likely to be a-game changer when it comes to coming holidays, that everyone who’s previously already been contemplating VR or found out about VR, now might have great titles and technology at a very inexpensive cost,” stated Rikard Steiber, President Viveport and SVP virtual reality at Vive in a phone meeting with VRScout.

Vive provides room-scale VR off just one package, using the base Vive package coming with all you need for a quick room-scale VR set up: 2 base stations for tracking, 2 movement controllers additionally the Vive headset.

Although the system is much more affordable at $599, it’s nevertheless a significant price tag for many seeking to get into VR—but which may be okay. While the Vive drops into a premium VR system group, HTC has intends to achieve different consumer segments at a lowered cost with brand new headsets. Announced at Bing I/O in-may, HTC features partnered up with Bing to provide a standalone headset with inside-out tracking possibly later this season. And price for the standalone headset will likely to be lower than the sum total of a Vive and Computer needed to operate the Vive. Sometimes as Steiber shared with VRScout, “where you’ve got a high-end mobile phone and HMD, it could actually competitive towards that [price point].”

Relating to Steam data, HTC Vive maintains a 60percent share of usage of the Steam platform for high-end VR headsets.

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HTC Vive Gets Significant Reduce Price, Today $600

HTC Vive Gets considerable price-cut, Now $600

Trevor Nelson to Moderate ‘VR Coasters & Rides’ at Future of Immersive Leisure 9/14 in Las Vegas

Trevor Nelson to Moderate ‘VR Coasters & Rides’ at Future of Immersive Leisure 9/14 in Las Vegas

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August 20, 2017 10:28 pm

(FutureOfImmersiveLeisure)  Trevor Nelson at Nelson Advisors, Inc., recently discussed the immersive enjoyment ecosystem in an interview aided by the Future of Immersive Leisure weblog. Trevor is a specialist in the from house Virtual and Augmented Reality sector. He recently completed a Masters of Digital Media level at Ryerson University focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality and their effect on the Theme Park business. Trevor’s  thoughts are a precursor on panel he’ll moderate in the occasion in Las vegas, nevada on Thursday, September 14 in Las vegas, nevada. Just click here to look at the web site and also to register.
Nelson’s lineup should include an influential panel of speakers. The presentation abstraction reads: the most compelling components of the drive in immersive enjoyment is being able to be included within existing tourist attractions – the necessity for a technology, and dependable application.

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Immersv Raises $10.5 Million

Immersv Raises $10.5 Million

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August 20, 2017 10:28 pm

(VentureBeat)  Immersv has actually raised $10.5 million to bolster its place as a provider of marketing and advertising for virtual reality and mobile 360-degree applications and games. Immersv’s financing indicates that investors will always be willing to place money into companies which can be producing incomes when you look at the growing market.
Rogers Venture Partners led the financial investment round, with participation from Foundation Capital, The Venture Reality Fund, Initial Capital, East Ventures, HTC Vive, MCJ, Gree, i-mobile, Metaps, and Gigi Levy. Rogers Venture Partners basic partner Paul Sestili and Gumi founder and CEO Hironao Kunimitsu have actually accompanied Immersv’s board.

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Alex Wang to Discuss VR/AR information Financing and Monetization at Future of Immersive Leisure 9/14 in Las Vegas

Alex Wang to go over VR/AR Content Financing and Monetization at upcoming of Immersive Leisure 9/14 in Las Vegas

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August 20, 2017 10:29 pm

(FutureofImmersiveLeisure)  Alex Wang, Co-founder and General Partner at Outpost Capital,explains that financing and content are the biggest difficulties toward out-of-home sector moving forward in the present interview money for hard times of Immersive Leisure weblog. Alex’s thoughts are a precursor to his presentation at event in vegas on Thursday, September 14 in Las vegas, nevada. Click to view the website and to register.
Wang’s presentation is “Exploiting Alternative Financing and Monetization versions for VR and AR Location-Based Entertainment Content.” This program will show crucial suggestions about alternative designs for content funding and content monetization regarding VR/AR location-based entertainment and crucial ways for US-based designers of VR and AR location-based entertainment content to monetize their item in Chinese market.

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‘Manifest 99’ Takes You on a Train Ride to the Afterlife, Launching on PSVR September 12th

James Cameron: ‘If we becamen’t making Avatar [sequels] i might be trying out VR’

James Cameron: ‘If we becamen’t making Avatar [sequels] i might be testing out VR’